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3 different ways to cross this magical place. 3 souls that we wanted to interpret. How do you want to live your holiday on Lake Garda? Sport and relaxation, to discover the food, color and light of the lake or to have fun?

Perfumes, colors, flavours. Water, air, earth. Lake Garda is many things: you can choose one aspect, some or even all of it, according to your style. You choose the mood of your holiday, we take you to the heart of the northern shores of the lake through unique experiences, starting from the style of our structures. You can find in our hotels the thousand faces of the lake, enclosed between water and mountains, between relaxation and the thrill of adventure. The thoughtful and adventurous mood in contact with the nature of the hotel SeeLE in Nago-Torbole, the stimulus to discovery and the pleasant amazement aroused by IV Gardan and the crackling experience of the luxury apartments at Lillil in the heart of Riva del Garda: 3 different and complementary ways of welcoming. Choose yours.

The northern area of ​​Garda is an incredible basin of environments, views e traditions that inspire even the laziest vacationer to explore e to the discovery. From the simpler walks, such as the panoramic cycle path on the west bank, to the most challenging, in a crescendo of difficulty and wonder: the mysterious canyon of the Forra road, defined by Churchill as the eighth wonder of the world, the romantic canal village of Tenno with its lake of incredible colors, the Varone waterfall or the high altitude show of Monte Baldo. Outdoor activities attract those who spend a few days on Lake Garda like sirens. Just ask: trekking, climbing, hiking, via ferrata, mountain biking,… Enjoy the view. Or challenge your limits.


Il Lake Garda it is home to some of the most important aquatic sporting events in the world. Who could resist the force of the Garda hour, the wind that rises from the south in the morning and swells the sails of surfing e sailors? The shores of the lake have always welcomed lovers of water sports who, with the same ease with which the wind changes, explore the world above and under water, challenge the strength of a stream and its rapids or enjoy the quiet at the end of the day in a kayak or on a SUP board. Is water your element?

Dive in!

Italian Life Style? IS the way of life... well, Italian! Our lifestyle has deep roots in the history, culture and natural wonders that characterize the whole of Italy, the Great Beauty that insinuates itself into the DNA from an early age. IS la dolce vita, the one narrated by Fellini, which is not ostentatious luxury, but refined lightheartedness, life experiences, good food e good wine, Chatter e walks, an unhurried life where you finally feel at ease, at home. Do you want a taste?

Let yourself be enchanted by the Italian LifeStyle


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Can we travel by bicycle? Do we have to bring our bikes or are there any available?2022-07-25T17:32:38+02:00

There are those who want the harmony that can only be created with their own bicycle: in this case each structure has a very large deposit, at the IV Gardan there is also a small workshop for last minute repairs or preparations. Don't have the space or the possibility to take your bicycle with you? No problem! We have enough for everyone, from muscle bikes to e-bikes that you can rent through a handy app. Ask us and we will help you enjoy your holiday in the saddle.

How are breakfast and brunch organized for those with allergies, intolerances or following specific diets?2022-07-25T17:32:15+02:00

Of course, when you arrive at the property we ask you if you have intolerances or allergies, it is important. The breakfast buffet is in any case extremely varied and there is literally something for all tastes: gluten-free, veg, lactose-free,… we think of everyone!

Can I take our dog on holiday with us?2022-08-18T17:36:23+02:00

We love your furry friends! And we want them to enjoy a well-deserved vacation in all three of our properties. We only ask you for a contribution of € 15 per day to ensure that they also receive special treatment.

Are the facilities, rooms and apartments accessible for disabled people?2022-07-25T17:31:36+02:00

Absolutely yes, it is one of our priorities. All apartments and rooms are wheelchair accessible. There are two small exceptions, for which we are sure there will be no problems: the bathrooms of the IV Gardan they are not equipped, but are still accessible because they are very spacious; to the seele the only space not accessible to wheelchairs is the garage, but we make sure we always have a place dedicated to the disabled in front of the hotel

If I arrive after the check-in time, can I access my room / apartment?2022-07-25T17:31:00+02:00

Yes of course. You can check-in until 22pm. If you can't be there by that time, don't worry: you can self check-in. Simply, if you notify us in time, the keys will be left in a special space outside the door and we will send you a WhatsApp message with instructions to proceed and finally enjoy a well-deserved rest.